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● Why Skin Cares?
Water through Skin Cares is clean, free from residual chlorine and all kinds of bacteria, not to mention of rust and heavy metals. With massive generation of anions by Lenard Effect, you can enjoy skin protection effect while feeling refresh to your heart’s content in the shower.
● Obtained KAA Atopy Certification Mark
The filters used for Skin Cares obtained the KAA atopy certification mark from Korea Atopy Association, the NSF certification from National Sanitation Foundation and the ROSH certification which guarantees that certified filters are free from any of 24 toxic substances.
A shower which toxic components such as rust and heavy metals entered through old pipes becomes a breeding ground for germs and makes nasty bacteria and microorganisms get into human body through the skin and respiratory organ when taking a shower.
Water running through a contaminated shower can lead to all kinds of skin disease such as atopic dermatitis, xeroderma, and itching to babies and children who have sensitive skin.
● Skin Cares Filter
A fine filter less than 5 micrometer completely removes toxic components entered through old pipes such as rust and heavy metals to generate clean water. A chlorine removal ball removes residual chlorine and an antibacterial ball eradicates all kinds of germs and microorganisms. In the course of this process, purified water with antibacterial treatment generates anions (165,000 ion/cc) through Lenard Effect and becomes healthy water.
With ultrafine shower diffuser, Skin Cares Shower gives a softer sense of showering with higher water pressure over 2 to 5 times than general showers.
● Effects
1. Red water and heavy metals removal, antibacterial effect, residual chlorine removal and skin massage
2. Healthy skin care with anion effect
3. Prevention of various skin ailments including atopic dermatitis
4. Hair loss prevention and dandruff removal
5. Functional effects of water saving and higher water pressure
● Time to exchange filter
It can be used for 2 to 4 months; however, as the life time of shower is subject to change depending on water service environment, you can exchange the filter in the transparent shower based on pollution level.
● How to Clean Shower Plate (Sprinkling Plate)
A splash of water may occur after a long-term use. This is because of not the failure of shower but the filter which has not been changed for a long time. To solve this problem, clean the shower as follows:
1. Open the head cap and separate the silicon ring.
2. Separate the plate from the head cap and wipe the front and back sides of it gently with brush or toothbrush in the running water.
3. After finishing cleaning, assemble the product in reverse order to that of dissembling..
1. Head Cover
2. Sprinkling Plate
3. Silicone Packing
4. Head
5. Connect Packing
6. Filter
7. Body
8. Connect Packing
● Where to use
Bathroom and kitchen of common household, bathhouse, hospital and accommodations.
● Specification
Material / Polycarbonate
Water pressure and temperature / 0.5kg – 7.5kg/ ㎠/ 0-75 ℃
Shower plate structure / Micro small hole/ Plate material: stainless steel
Shower plate spec. / Hole number: 420
Dust Filter Life Time / About 2 to 4 months

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