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[NOTICE] Post-Office delivery problem of worldwide

[TesterKorea] Manager

03/05/2020 02:07:44 AM

Post-office worldwide service is not smooth due to COVID-19 problem.

even available countires may be delayed about 1~3 weeks additionally after arrival.

and it can be delayed more days depending on the situation of country, state or city.

Important! UK shipping issues:

There is a problem with delivery due to the deterioration of the local COVID-19.

It is possible to send by FedEX, but please note that local delivery is very very delayed now.

Please check below.

Shipping MethodK-Packet
Weight~1.8kg (1,800g)~30kg (30,000g)~20kg (20,000g)
Delivery Condition
DELAY CountriesU.S.A, UK, Canada, Germany, Russia,
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France,
Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland,
Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel,
Estonia, Czech, Jordan, Oman, Qatar,
Serbia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Algeria,
Bahrain, Kenya, Uganda
U.S.A, Russia, Canada, France,
Germany, Singapore, Thailand, UK,
Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia
STOP CountriesThe other countries
(except delayed countries)
The other countries
(except delayed countries)
Estimated delivery period1~8 weeks
(+1~2 weeks more)
4~8 Days
(+1~2 weeks more)
Shipping MethodFedEX
Weight~20kg (20,000g)
Delivery Condition
DELAY Countriesnone
STOP CountriesRussia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, China, and South America countries
Estimated delivery period4~8 Days

Please consider this issue when making an order.

If there is a problem with delivery, we will leave 1:1CS message.

you can find CS message at MY-PAGE and through your email (except gmail email).

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