TROIAREUKE ACSEN UV Protector Essence 50ml


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1. Product Concept

“No.1 Shield Sun Essence in the world”

 When you experience ACSEN Sun Essence, you will say “This is crazy sun essence”, “Unbelievable” and “Sun-sence = Non-sense”.

How does this come to life? MK Product Development Team is very confident that no other brand has made this formulation and concept in the world.

 * ACSEN Sun Essence is the sunblock with skincare functions from the essence.

From the past 5 years of sales and experience with TROIAREUKE Ultra Vitamin UV Protector, MK Universal Inc. has proved its capacity to provide the highest quality sunblock. In attempts to improve the quality and meet the needs of customers, MK Universal Inc. has found a way to turn its sunblock into the skincare product suitable for all skin types.    

That is why the product is named Sun Essence. The texture is very light (a customer will be surprised by the feeling of the product) and the product can function as skincare essence. Can you imagine yourself wearing the sunblock when you are still on the essence step of your skincare routine?

 A customer has no reason to apply the essence twice for the morning routine and can stop being lazy.

2. Product Hash Tag (#)

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3. Product Development

Due to the global warming, the temperature rises and the ozone layer is destroyed that the UV rays exposed to the skin are getting stronger and stronger. UV rays damage the skin and cause the wrinkle and skin cancer. Long-term UV exposure can also lead to pigmentation, reduced skin elasticity and a degradation of skin texture, including yellowing. However, MK product development team found out that almost everyone does not apply sunblock. Everyone knows it is important to apply Sun essence but many people (especially, men) do not apply sunblock every day. So, MK Universal Inc. sought to find solutions to resolve ten reasons in accordance with our skin philosophy.

①     The skin is very sticky after applying sunblock

②     The skin looks too white   

③     The skin gets troubles by extreme sebum secretion

④     Eyes will be irritated from sunblock

⑤     The skin feels greasy       

⑥     People avoid the chemicals in Sunblock

⑦     People who have acne skin

⑧     People who are lazy      

⑨     People who forget to put it on the face

⑩     People who think it is not necessary

4. Product Features

MK Universal inc researched that a lot of people with of acne and sensitive skin condition do not apply sunblock. So, we aimed at making a perfect and safe sunblock with features below,

ü  UV protection - Highly functional sun essence with SPF 50 and PA+++.

SPF: Stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is a way of expressing how effective a sunscreen is at protecting against UVB rays specifically. The numerical digit following SPF indicates how much time the customer will be able to withstand exposure to the sun.

PA: Abbreviation for Protection Grade of UVA. It basically informs the customers of the level of protection towards UVA rays.

PA+ means the sunblock provides some protections against UVA rays, PA++ indicates moderate protection while PA+++shows good protective abilities against UVA rays.

ü  Anti-pollution - The newest enemy in skincare is the air. Anti-pollution is the latest thing in the skincare industry. The irritants in the air such as cigarette and smoke cause aging. Pollutants can cause hyperpigmentation, inflammation, a breakdown of collagen and elastin and turn the skin rough and damaged.

While UV rays are still a priority in aging, pollution is the next skin concern people should tackle with daily antioxidants and proper cleansing even if a person is regularly avoiding excessive sun exposure, never gets a tan and always uses sunscreen.

ü  Fresh and light texture as skincare essence - ACSEN Sun Essence has very light texture so you can apply it on skincare essence step.

ü  No trouble for Acne and Sensitive skins - There is no burden on Acne and sensitive skin because it improves skin by Centella Asiatica. Acne and sensitive skin should not be missed.

ü  Calming and moisturizing effect - As Centella Asiatica has proved its remarkable calming and moisturizing effect in other products of TROIAREUKE ACSEN, a customer can also expect the same satisfaction from ACSEN Sun Essence.

Pentylene Glycol (verified as EGW level 1) is the extract from the fermented sugar cane. Pentylene Glycol has been widely used as the moisturizing agent that prevents the moisture from evaporation. It is commonly found in the organic skincare products and well-known for the less skin stimulation that it is also widely used even in baby products.

5. Ingredients

ü  Biosaccharide Gum-4 - This ingredient is used because of its ability to form a strong matrix on the skin surface, effectively providing a second skin, which shields your skin from the harmful effects of pollution, heavy metals and UV rays. When it comes with Troiareuke ACSEN Sun Essence, it forms a second skin protective matrix for keeping up and protect the skin from surround irritant environment.

ü  Centella Asiatica - Troiareuke ACSEN’s Centella Asiatica used 100% extract which another brand could never have. As you know we did not think about the cost of the ingredient, we first thought about the solving the skin problems and making our customers satisfied with the result. The customer who has acne skin and is afraid of excessive sebum enjoys the product every moment.

D-Biotin - D-Biotin (Vitamin H) can improve the natural resistance of the skin. It also has certain effectiveness in anti-wrinkle applications. This product can enhance the overall organizational structure of the skin.

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