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[E] PROFORMULA Phytovita K Cream 50g

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● Proformula PhytoVita K Cream
Special cream for Facial flushing and sensitive skin The product that contained a highly enriched Phytovita K complex containing natural plant extracts is to help soothe and moisturize coarse skin from external stress and factors.


含有高浓缩天然植物成分的群体 PhytoVita K 对于因外部压力产生的刺激导致的粗糙肌肤有镇定效果,并保护敏感肌肤。
● How to use
* After cleansing and toning, smooth a thin layer evenly over entire face, Can be used during the day under makeup and overnight as an intensive moisturizing treatment.
* Using this phytovita K cream daily can help you develop a skin barrier and soothe a sensitive skin with more revitalized complexion. Also this can use as a post Laser cream after the laser process such as IPL, V-beam, Yellow Laser, Perfecta, Genesis and Gemini.
使用方法 :

* 取适量本产品均匀涂在皮肤粗糙或需要补水部位促进吸收,早晚各一次。

* 美容或激光 (IPL, V-beam, Yellow Laser, Perfecta, Genesis and Gemini) 等治疗后对于激光/剥皮等原因导致的皮肤发红或刺激有镇定效果在皮肤表层形成天然保护膜

● Main Ingredient
- PhytoVita K Complex : (Phytogenic + Vitamin K Complex) Compound ingredient complex, means to “phytogenic vitamin K complex”, contained the phytogenic ingredients such as Camellia Sinensis, Undaria Pinnatifida and Laminaria Digitata which are keeping highly vitamin K content. This can strengthen a weaken epidermis and speed up the metabolism. (Vitamin K is restricted to particular items by using, but phytovita K complex can be used in cosmetics safely.)
- Calamine : Calamine is a mixture of zinc oxide (ZnO, 99.5%) with about 0.5% ferric oxide (Fe2O3). It is the main ingredient in calamine lotion and is used as an antipruritic (anti-itching agent, attributed to the presence of phenol in the formulation) to treat mild pruritic conditions such as sunburn, eczema, rashes, poison ivy, poison oak, chickenpox, and insect bites and stings. It is also used as a mild antiseptic to prevent infections that can be caused by scratching the affected area, and an astringent to dry weeping or oozing blisters and acne abscesses.
- Hyaluronic acid Bio-polymer : Hyaluronan (also called hyaluronic acid or hyaluronate or HA) is an anionic, nonsulfated glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout connective, epithelial, and neural tissues.
Hyaluronic acid is used as humectant, antioxidant, stimulating agent for collagen synthesis and cell proliferation and cytotaxis, and believed to be a key factor in fighting aging.
● Benefits
lasting strength of an weaken epidermis through strengthening skin barrier function / Recover Dermis elasticity: moisturizing strength by Hyaluronic acid Bio-polymer / Strengthen skin immunity: soothe coarse skin from external stress and factors by Calamine / Strengthen and speed up the metabolism: PhytoVita K Complex (Phytogenic Vitamin K complex containing natural plant extracts)
● 5 Free Prescription
Paraben / Synthetic Fragrances and Dyes / Minerals / Benzophenone
Proformula PhytoVita K Cream completed by dermatologist tested ‘Non Irritation’

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